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2007 has started off a little more busy than normal for me…first I spoke at the Greater Charleston .NET user’s group on January 11, then this past weekend on the 20th I spoke at Atlanta Code Camp. As usual (this is my 3rd code camp!) Code Camp was a blast! Here are some of the highlights (in no particular order).


  1. The location was pretty good for such an event. It was hosted at a DeVry University campus.
  2. Meat on a stick – our lunch was grilled chicken on a stick…need I say more? Yum!
  3. Seeing familiar faces like Doug, Bill, Jim, Paul, Ramesh, and probably more that I’m forgetting (sorry!)
  4. Meeting new folks like Stuart, Trey, Alan, Huong, J.T. and Erik – again I’m probably forgetting to mention some…
  5. Finding out about 10 minutes before my session that Alan Griver and Huong Nguyen were going to be sitting in on it...
  6. Finding out after my session that Alan, Huong and so many others enjoyed it!
  7. Having almost the entire room laugh at my mention of “West of House” – at least I found out this time there were a lot old-school gamers in there.
  8. Finding out that more than one person in the crowd remembered how to read a binary clock!

Also many thanks to Murray and John for road-trippin’ out there with me, and to Edgar for taking me back to Charleston when Murray and John decided to stay an extra day in Atlanta.


Thanks to all the Atlanta crew who pulled this off – I’ll have to pick your brains along with Chris’ brains to figure out how to make South Carolina Code Camp 3.0 as huge a success!

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