I decided today to go back and take another chance to NUnit, but firstly I needed to have a possibility to integrate the NUnit and VS, because launching external program to run my tests is tiring. After few minutes I fonud a nice VS plugin to integrate a Visual Studio and NUnit: it's name is Visual NUnit.

I had one problem with this extension. When I wanted to fire my first NUnit test, I had an System.BadImageFormatException exception. I had to change the tests project target platform to x86.

After checked the Visual NUnit I wanted to have a some snippets to create the basic NUnit structures without wasting my time to write it manually all the time. Fortunatelly I found it either: link.


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Posted by 3P on 8/21/2011 7:28 PM
Tutaj znajdziesz snippety jako pakiet NuGet -
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Posted by Łukasz Kuryło on 8/22/2011 1:47 PM
Dzięki bardzo za linka.
Przyjrzę się w wolnej chwili.
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