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D'Arcy had asked in a post earlier today if anyone had picked up an UMPC.  Three months ago I bought the Sony UX50 while on vacation in Japan:

Truly the perfect machine for on the go.  Loving it.  You can effectively develop with VS2005 on the thing!  And footage from new high definition camcorders (HDV) plays back smooth and clear.  I only wish the battery lasted longer.  I get almost 2 hours out of it, or an hour when playing back high def video.

Kinda small screen, but the 1024x600 resolution ROCKS.  We took a ruler and calculated the screen's DPI today out of curiosity.  It clocked in at 270, squarely in the realm of high-end printers back in the 90's!  Finally display technology is catching up to paper.

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# re: I'm a UMPC junkie. Any others out there?
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Oh man, that's a sweet device...way nicer looking than the bulkier initial devices they were showing off!

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Sep 27, 2006 4:36 PM

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