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The first cell phone with a lens cap?
(And an optical zoom!)  Available soon in the states is this way-cool Nokia N93, which captures video at 640x480 resolution and 30fps.  Record up to an hour and a half in a 2 gig mini-SD card.  Then share your creation online, uploading it via speedy 3G.

I was in Japan on vacation last month, and stopped in at Tokyo's "electric town" (Akihabara) to gawk at the gizmos.  While there I saw other evidence that a true video revolution is happening on a cell phone near you.  Prominently displayed was a wave of television-enabled phones now hitting the market over there.  When you're on the train around Tokyo, it's impressive to see around 20% of the population constantly texting on their cell phone.  This will allow those folks to catch the latest action in the World Cup while they commute.

Here is a quick 23 second video shot at a couple Akihabara storefronts showing a couple of their latest devices:

(730 kbps stream.  Note to all Firefox users: it probably
won't play above, but you can download the 2 meg WMV file here.)

The first phone shown in the video is the very cool Shrarp Vodaphone 905SH (the widescreen thing pictured above), which made its debut while we were there in late May.  The thing picks up digital HiVision broadcasts, and displays them at 400x240 resolution, so a true 16:9 widescreen.  Quite slick.  And only around $250.

The second phone shown is what DoCoMo is offering to compete -- their FOMA P901iTV.  Resolution there is not as good -- only 320x240, so just 4:3 aspect ratio.  It appears to render video at around 15fps.  Still quite usable.

While in Akihabara the temptation was too strong to resist Sony's new teeny laptop, which is working out to be an excellent machine.  Pocketable Windows XP.

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