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Welcome to my blog, largely about .NET development using C#, but also about video, algorithms, SQL, Javascript, and other geeky subjects.  To introduce myself, I'm an ASP.NET developer for a large financial institution, and enjoy all things code.  Having a complete passion for the bits and bytes buried deep in every device we see around us, let's get this blog started on the right track with three articles with full source code! Two about GDI+, and one about reflecting on assemblies.

These are each quick little v1.1 WinForms apps to demonstrate different topics.  I hope you take some time to check them out.  I expect that the majority of my posts will have at least a few lines of source code attached.

Another thing that keeps me busy is video, which I enjoy experimenting with as a hobby.  One that I created as part of a contest, Bar Code Blitz, made it all the way to Channel 9.  Has gotten almost 20,000 views so far.  I want to enter another, a screencast, for the Visual Studio Launch tour currently circulating around the nation, but don't know if I'll have time to get it all done.

Speaking of the launch tour, if you didn't get to sign up for that, you missed out!  What a great set of presentations and giveaways.  It gives me one message loud and clear: Microsoft truly cares about developers.  They want us to have all the training and tools possible to create great applications.

On more of a personal level, I live in the Phoenix area and enjoy hiking the local hills, drumming, going skiing in Flagstaff, and eating out if it's a nice place.

Say, if you also live in the Phoenix area and like to go out to eat, may I recommend a great way to save a few bucks and experience new places:

  • 1. Buy an Entertainment book (available at any Walgreens in Phoenix for $30.)
  • 2. Use my restaurant coupon search engine to explore the variety of culinary experiences available in the valley.  It uses a custom mapping engine to present the closest restaurants to you that you still have a coupon for in your book.

I had written and released this thing a year and a half ago, right before Google Maps and Virtual Earth had hit the scene.  Man, was I ahead of my time!  :)

Well, that's all for this first installment.  But there's lots more to come.

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2005 11:46 AM GDI+ / Images , WinForms , Video | Back to top

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Welcome Lorin -- It's great to see you online. I'm excited about what you have to share.
Left by Scott Cate - Knowledge Base Soft on Nov 21, 2005 1:12 PM

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