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In the object-oriented world of .NET have you ever wanted to see how object inheritance and namespace hierarchy relate?  Well, now you can!

Fire up this WinForms application, and on the Assembly menu choose one of the standard .DLLs in the list.  The program parses the assembly and shows you two hierarchies, at the left the namespaces, or how you would normally refer to the classes in code, and at the right the inheritance so you can see more of what's happening behind the scenes.  Use the up and down arrows to scan as quickly as you'd like through the structure and the other side should keep up with you, showing how both sides are related.  You can use this with v1.1 or v2.0.

Techniques demonstrated in this code include:

  • Reflection on assemblies,
  • Rapidly sorting child nodes in a TreeView on-demand, and
  • Automatic preservation of splitter position based on a ratio. No floats required when doing that math, either!
Here's the code sample, written for .NET Framework 1.1, and it will directly convert to a 2.0 project.
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Its gud dude to see the online help coder because sometimes its very difficult to achieve the things thats why programer want help...
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