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Book Review – Developer’s Guide To Collections in Microsoft® .NET

Saturday, November 12, 2011 12:02 AM


s Developer’s Guide To Collections in Microsoft® .NET, by Calvin Janes, discusses the various collections available in the built-in NET libraries, as well as  the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of collection. Other areas are also covered including how collections utilize memory, how to use LINQ with collections, using threading with collections, serializing collections, and how to bind collections to controls in Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight.

For developers looking for a simple reference book on collections, then this book will serve that purpose and serve it well. For those looking for a great read from cover-to-cover, they may be disappointed.

This book tends to be repetitive in discussion topics, examples, and code samples in the first two parts of the book. In the first part, the author conducts walk-throughs to develop custom collections. In  the second part, the author conducts walk-throughs on using the built-in .NET collections.

For experienced .NET developers, the first two parts will not provide much value. However, it is beneficial for new developers who have not worked with the built-in collections in .NET. They will obtain an understanding of the mechanics of the built-in collections and how memory is utilized when using the various types of collections. So in this aspect, new developers will get more value out of this book.

The third and fourth parts delve into advanced topics, including using LINQ, threading, serialization and data binding. I find these two parts of the book are well written and flow better than the first two parts. Both beginner and experienced developers will find value in this half of the book, mainly on the topics of threading and serialization.

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