DevConnections 2011

Just leaving DevConnections and collecting my thoughts.  It has been a long week but very great to finally meet the DevExpress team.  Thanks everyone for everything.  It was a great week to network and learn. 

After seeing how others are using the DevExpress tools and frameworks I now have a lot of work to catch up.  I plan on putting together a series of posts based on the following outline.  Let me know what you think.

DevExpress XPO/XAF Outline

  1. Setting the EDMX Modeling Tool for generating XPO/XAF from a visual designer surface.  Found here.
  2. Other tools that use the DXCore (such as StyleCop. Found here.) that I use to make my life easier. 
  3. Simple customizations to make XAF your own.
  4. BDD (Behavior Driven Development)/Specflow and XAF.  How you can make it use EasyTest.

These are the ones that come to my mind.  And after thinking about it most of the week and trying to explain it to other attendees, here is my new tagline for DevExpress:

“Know them for their controls.  Love them for their solutions.”  Most people know that DevExpress makes great controls, but how can we bring more attention to the frameworks and tools that allow extremely rapid application development for enterprise solutions?  I have been using it for over three years now and have made it an integral part of my everyday activities.

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left by Alistair at 11/5/2011 6:05 AM Gravatar
Couldn't agree more. I found XAF almost by accident. Now all out internal line of business apps are created using XAF and our business is running like a well-oiled machine. All the ideas that I wanted to do for years, but didn't have the time to implement can now be and idea on a Friday, implemented over a weekend and rolled out on a Monday morning.
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