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Liam McLennan

I’m working on a javascript learning tool, based on the edgecase koans for ruby. The idea is to express a set of javascript lessons as failing tests. By completing the koans in order the power and beauty of the language is slowly revealed without overwhelming complexity or a high concept count.

I am planning to cover the following topics:

about asserts

Introduces the basic test framework used for the rest of the koans.

about equality

A quick look at the concept of equality in javascript.

about truthyness

about assignment

Variable assignment.

about control structures

If, for and switch.

about strings

about numbers

about objects

about arrays

about reflection

about prototypal inheritance

about functions and closure

about scope

about regular expressions

I’d like to finish with a practical exercise that does something cool.

Hopefully there is some value in this exercise. I consider it worth doing if only to give myself a deeper knowledge of the language.

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