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Liam McLennan

Atlassian is the company that I wish was mine. They make cool web products, they have a unique voice and they are successful. But recently they lost their minds, and starting giving their software away (almost).

If you are a small organisation like me you can buy the main atlassian products (jira, confluence, greenhopper, bamboo, fisheye & crowd) for US $10.00 each. User limits apply.

We are using Jira + Greenhopper for agile project management, and confluence for our project wiki. Confluence is VERY nice. It is the best wiki I have worked with. Simple, powerful and it works. It also is very good at converting word documents to wiki pages which is something that our BA has appreciated. JIRA + Greenhopper is a workable solution for agile project management if you don’t want to go with walls and post-it notes. At times it can be a bit confusing because Greenhopper is a JIRA plugin that adds mingle-like functionality to a bug tracking application. Jumping between JIRA and Greenhopper is not entirely smooth, however, it is still one of the better solutions I have tried, and I have tried them all. This is the first project I have been on that has had a burn down chart, and I am finding Green Hopper’s burn down to be an excellent big visible chart / information radiator. JIRA reminds me of Gemini, and Greenhopper reminds me of Mingle. Not sure who copied who. The good news is that unlike Mingle, JIRA does not require a dedicated super computer.

The only disappointed I have is that Atlassian’s code review tool, Crucible, was not included in the deal.

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