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Well, I crashed and burned tonight. I knew the information, but I had one small problem, that kept my demo from working.stupid-people

I added the SchemaNameConvention to the Data project for handling database schemas, and added it to the Fluent NHibernate conventions list. I SHOULD NOT, however, have changed the code for getting the Id of the domain objects. What this does, is it looks at the object and determines, by domain signature attributes, which property mappings need to be mapped as an Id not a property.

Anyway, I STILL had a great time tonight. The KCDNUGgers are an awesome bunch and we had a great time talking about the future of our group. We got some good feedback, and I’d expect to see some changes upcoming.

Thanks again to all the attendees tonight for hanging in there with me and I hope, despite the problems, you got some good information and have decided to give Sharp Architecture a try. Also a HUGE thanks to Jimmy Smith from Aureus Group for bringing Pizza Oven pizza tonight, I will definitely be visiting them again.

To all those who are interested in ASP.NET MVC et al, check me out Wednesday night, August 26th at the KC Web Pros group.  I will be comparing and contrasting MVC and MVP in ASP.NET. Plus, my [new] employer (Adventure Tech Group) will be sponsoring the meeting tonight as well.

The Demo code and the presentations are available in my demo code repository on Google Code. the presentations are in the docs folder.

As always, the SVN connection instructions are on the source tab.

The three links that helped the most are:


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