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fail_whale Twitter has become quite the phenomenon lately. I even heard it mentioned on a Leno episode. As a developer, it helps me to watch conversations (sometimes arguments) between great developer to help understand the pros and cons of different technologies. It also helps to get inside(-ish) information about technologies that I’m interested in. I thought I’d put together a list of people that .Net developers might have good reason to follow on Twitter. This is REALLY not a “this one better than that one” list. I follow 477 people and every one of them provides some value (i.e. they’re local, I KNOW them, I am interested in some of the same things, etc). No offense to brilliant people who didn’t make the list (not like any list I make that someone didn’t get on would be reason to take offense). These people are based on their involvement in .NET stuff and how much they tweet.

  • Scott Reynolds  - @scottcreynolds
  • Jeremy Miller - @jeremydmiller
  • Aaron Jensen - @aaronjensen
  • Scott Bellware - @bellware
  • Phil Haack - @haacked
  • Scott Hanselman - @shanselman
  • Steven Harman - @stevenharman
  • Chad Myers - @chadmyers
  • Shawn Wildermuth - @ShawnWildermuth
  • “Uncle” Bob Martin - @unclebobmartin

That’s not so say there is NO value in following others (like @jbogard, @colin_jack, @RoyOsherove or @BradWilson), you certainly will. Mostly, these ten are the ones I see tweeting most often and having discussions that I follow and get information out of. Chances are, if you start following these people and watching their conversations, you’ll be led to follow others who converse with them.


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