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I saw this book in Borders and, when I read the table of contents, I KNEW I wanted to read it. I had just returned from Headspring & Jeffrey Palermo's Agile .NET Boot Camp class in Austin, and this covered a lot of the same things (and a few others), so that made it very poignant. Code Leader (Wrox) by Patrick Cauldwell

I am adding this book to my must read list. I got through it in about a week. It is VERY easy to read. For developers looking to take their development skills to the next level and are not able to go to Jeffrey's course, this is perfect. Agile .NET Boot Camp covered some more concrete things like NHibernate and the practice of TDD and Pair-Programming. This book covers all the main concepts for setting up a professional development shop. Most of the practices it talks about are main practices in agile software development.


This book is broken into four parts. Part one is about the philosophy of code leadership. It talks about some of the philosophy behind test-driven development, continuous integration, and the main buy vs build decision. Not so much how to do TDD or continuous integration (even though, there are concrete examples). but why to use these practices. Part two, is all about the processes. Starting with how you know when you're really done, how to properly do testing, how to use source control and how to use and understand static code analysis. The third section concentrated on how to actually put code together. Cauldwell talks about how to develop using interfaces and how to find and limit dependencies. Section three also covers the model-view-presenter pattern of application development, and some good guidance on how to use tracin and how to do error handling. The final section just kind of puts all the other sections together in a case study: building a calculator.

Definitely added to bookshelf and recommendation list!



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