Professional Developer Conference 2008, 26 - 30 November 2008, Los Angeles

Setting my laptop in dual boot with Windows 7

At the last Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles, the attendees were given a pre-beta version of Windows 7, Vista's successor operating system. I installed it on a virtual machine and was very impressed by the performance of Windows 7. Since I just got my new laptop (Alienware m15x) and have been installing stuff anyway, I thought I would give it a try and install Win7 in dual boot on this machine. This is the report of the experiene. Read the rest of this entry » ......

It's podcast season: Herding code

Apparently it's podcast season... When in Los Angeles, Jon Galloway and I managed to sit down an hour and talk about Silverlight, WPF, Blend, my past work at Siemens and my future work at IdentityMine, and of course about my book Silverlight 2 Unleashed. I was kind of sad that Kevin Dente and Scott Koon didn't manage to join us, but the conference was so packed with events that we found time only on the very last day (Thursday) and the two had to go back home already. Still, it was nice to meet the ......

#PDC08 talk: WPF pixel shaders and WPF graphics future

David Teitlebaum. Why move to a new effect system? Old effect system: BitmapEffects. Talks about what was done with BitmapEffects to render to the screen. Doesn't play well with remoting, because too slow to render on target machine, go back to display machine, etc... Shows the old syntax for BitmapEffect. Software rendered, very slow, especially blur operations (such a glow, drop shadow, etc...) Actions: In SP1, they are marked as obsolete. Implemented HW acceleration for BlurBitmapEffect and DropShadowBitmapEffect ......

#PDC08 talk: Microsoft .NET, CLR Futures

Joshua Goodman

Joshua recaps the history and structure of .NET. Then talks about the difficulty to keep code compatible. Sometimes, making code faster creates bugs, because the previous slowness was enabling scenarios that speed doesn't. Of course the CLR gets blamed even though it's not their fault!

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#PDC08 talk: .NET 4.0 Declarative programming using XAML

3 XAML vocabularies: UI, Workflow, XPS.

Used in mutliple runtimes: .NET 3,0, 3.5, Silverlight 1 and 2.

Many tools too (Visual Studio, Expression Blend).

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Book signing: Silverlight 2 Unleashed at #PDC08

I will be doing an additional book signing today.

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New Silverlight controls suite delivered by Microsoft #PDC08

A few minutes ago, Microsoft released a brand new suite of controls for Silverlight. The list is impressive! From now on, you can download these controls, the documentation and samples, and start coding! This post will give you a first insight into these controls based on a preview version of the set. This should make you want to experiment more and to discover more by yourself! Read the rest of this entry » ......

#PDC08 keynote (day 2, part 4)

Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay.

Presentation of Windows Live Services. Windows Live ID is now an Open ID.

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#PDC08 keynote (day 2, part 3)

Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay.

Scott Guthrie about tools and app development

 New APIs for multitouch and other Windows 7 API.

Note: Lots of attention put in Win32 development with C++.

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#PDC08 keynote (day 2, part 2)

Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay. Bringing together software + services Presents Windows Live Essentials and Windows Live Services. Using Windows Live Services is optional, so you can use your own services (pop for example) instead. Talks about the feedback they got after Vista went RTM. Funny moment as he reminds bad reviews from "a few bloggers here and there, oh and some ads too". Transition from Vista: Talks about the attention they ......

#PDC08 keynote (day 1, part 2)

Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay. Next speaker talks about customer challenges: Stay up to date, lower predictable costs including IT resources, High security and availability. That's why software should be distributed as services "Microsoft Online Services". It is just a beginning, and in the future all of the enterprise software will be optionally distributed as an online service. List of customers already use this, such as Coca Cola, ......

#PDC08 keynote (day 2, part 1)

Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay. Here we go again, PDC day 2 also features a keynote. Expecting Silverlight news and demos :) The keynote starts with an impressive video of products built in .NET, mostly WPF and Silverlight stuff as far as I can say. Ray Ozzie's keynote Ray recaps what was presented yesterday. After cloud services yesterday, today will be more about front end. Nice video showing the evolution of PC from first consoles ......

#PDC08 Talk: Microsoft Silverlight, WPF and the Microsoft .NET Framework: Sharing Skills and Code

High level goals: building rich apps with same people, same skills, same workflow and common code.

Shows how to decide when to use Silverlight and when WPF.

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#PDC08 Talk: Developing for Microsoft Surface

After CLI (Command Line Interface) and GUI, Surface is a NUI (Natural User Interface). Challenges: Multi-user. Multi-Touch. Direct Interaction. Object Recognition. Presenting existing applications developed for Surface: ATT with an application allowing to visualize the coverage for a mobile. Bars such as Harrah with applications for social interaction. Sheraton has Surfaces in the lobby to encourage people to interact. Looking for a killer app for NUI. As of today, the Surface SDK is available, as ......

#PDC08 keynote (day 1, part 1)

Note: The Wireless network at the keynote failed miserably, so this will be posted with a delay. Ray Ozzie talks about the future of software and Microsoft's take on new software foundations. Mobile platforms increasling important. New software and activation codes for new services will be made available. Talks about "the cloud" and the critics he read online in the past weeks. Virtualization is more and more important (and is coming back after it was already popular long time ago). Externalization ......

#PDC08 pre conference: WPF Code and Concepts by Charles Petzold

According to Charles Petzold, WPF is the main platform for Windows programming nowadays. The only reason why one might still want to program WinForms is if you want the app to run on a maximum of machines. Petzold says he was resistant to XAML when he came to it first. But now, over the years, he is very comfortable with it and uses it a lot. You should give a chance to XAML. Interestingly, he took in his talk the exact opposite approach from his book: Starting with XAML only, and then only moving ......

Blogging and twittering at #PDC08

PDC is starting today (well, the pre-conference is, and the conference starts tomorrow) and I reached Los Angeles last night. The trip went well, even though we started (and arrived) one hour later than planned. Yesterday I joined Mike Brown and Bill Reiss for dinner, and then called it a night. Of course with the jet lag I woke up quite early today, but it's usual. Later I will head to the LA Convention Center and attend the pre conference. I am especially looking forward to Charles Petzold presentation ......

My schedule at #PDC08

Difficult task: Choosing the sessions I am interested in for PDC08... Difficult because there are really many session that are very attractive to me, and also because I need to include side activities and meetings with members of the WPF and Silverlight community. I still have a few conflicts, and I will decide at the last minute which session to follow. Note that as usual with Microsoft conferences, all the sessions will be filmed and put online rapidly after the conference, so this is how I will ......