GalaSoft "TweetMyPage" is a service allowing a user to easily post to Twitter some information about the page he is currently reading in his web browser, by a simple button click.

TweetMyPage V0.2 - Now with "from TweetMyPage" indicator

As soon as I had my info page online, I asked Twitter to accept TweetMyPage as a Twitter application, and to mark the messages posted with TweetMyPage with "from TweetMyPage". Note for developers: There is a form to fill on the Twitter API page. It's really fast, and one day later I got the answer that it was accepted. Read the rest of this entry » ......

GalaSoft "TweetMyPage" released for tests

GalaSoft "TweetMyPage" is a web application allowing you to post to Twitter what you're currently reading in your web browser, on a simple button click.

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