MVVM Light V4.1.27.0 in Nuget

I just pushed a new version of MVVM Light to Nuget. The new version is The difference towards the previous version ( and this one is that I am not depending on the CommonServiceLocator Nuget package instead of providing my own.

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# re: MVVM Light V4.1.27.0 in Nuget

left by Ralph at 4/22/2013 8:09 AM Gravatar
Used Nuget to install the 4.1.27 version into a new vb windows 8 app and changed the app

- Replace this statement with:

replacing [YouApplication] with my application name
which is not working for me. Any ideas

Unknown type 'ViewModelLocator' in XML namespace 'using:BlankApp.ViewModel'

# re: MVVM Light V4.1.27.0 in Nuget

left by Christian Beauclair at 4/23/2013 7:36 PM Gravatar
Hello Laurent. Any idea when we'll get the new installer/Windows 8 templates for VS 2012? I looked everywhere and could not find them. You said in this post that you would have them soon in February :-) I want to build an app using it and follow along your TechEd video. Thanks.
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