MVVM Light V4 preview 3 (BL16, MIX11 edition!!) #mvvmlight

At MIX11, I am releasing a new preview of MVVM Light version 4. This new preview contains one small change and one large change.

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# re: MVVM Light V4 preview 3 (BL16, MIX11 edition!!) #mvvmlight

left by Peter Sulek at 4/14/2011 7:59 PM Gravatar
Is there any ETA when you publish more stable version than preview/BL version ?

# re: MVVM Light V4 preview 3 (BL16, MIX11 edition!!) #mvvmlight

left by Brian Jimdar at 4/14/2011 8:51 PM Gravatar
This is fantastic Laurent.

I've been hesitating to commit to a big IoC container for small projects, so "IoC-Light" is a great addition in keeping with the "MVVM-Light" theme.

Thanks for your hard work.

# re: MVVM Light V4 preview 3 (BL16, MIX11 edition!!) #mvvmlight

left by Michael Brown at 4/18/2011 12:00 AM Gravatar
It is hilarious how much we do in common without prior collaboration. I think you might be my long lost twin

# re: MVVM Light V4 preview 3 (BL16, MIX11 edition!!) #mvvmlight

left by Andy at 4/25/2011 9:40 PM Gravatar
Great Mix11 session! I've been figuring out a lot of those problems on my own, but knowing they will be built into the next version of MVVM Light is a happy thought! Thank you for MVVM Light and for Deep Dive at Mix. Keep up the great work

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left by at 4/27/2011 10:17 AM Gravatar
Hi Laurent !
First, i would like to thank you very much for the nice job you've made !

I've a question and a very good one :)
(i know its the wrong place but i don't remeber my account password on codeplex :p)

How can i move from mainpage custom control to another one with the easiest way ? Message ? But if i use message notification, i've seen on several blog that you have to put some code in your codebehind. But it's not what you say in mix : "no code in codebehind" :)

They are dozen tutorial on the net ! But all are made with only one customcontrol ... It's like they post a tutorial to say "hey ! i know mvvm ! i talk about it so i'm in the move !" wtf seriously ^^

And when i find smething it's about wpf or wp7 but never silverlight.

I've tried several thing : use a content presenter bind to a customcontrol property in my mainpage but even if it seems to work on blend : my clientView appear in my contentpresenter. But on start, i got a xamlparseException :(

It would be so nice if you and not a guy who've just try mvvm and never use it in a real project with several customcontrol, give us a simple project with 3 customControl, a button with command etc just to get a real point to start.

It's also hard to find a good implementation of mvvm with wcf services / RIA Services. Cause if all your data com from a web services, you won't need "model" class. It's a headache cause you model folder become empty ^^ : with services, mvvm become a kind of vvm because the model com from the service.

To conclude, i like the lambda expression cause even if magic string are not as bad as we thought, it's more beautifull on my screen ;)

Apologize for my bad english ... -> french ^^

# GenericMessageGenericAction?

left by Jacob at 5/5/2011 4:14 AM Gravatar
Hi Laurent,

Have you thought about adding a GenericMessageGenericAction<TMessage, TCallbackParameter> class into the coming release? Such a class should satisfy the needs of sending user-defined data in a message and also provide a callback with one customizable parameter.

Your NotificationMessageActionGeneric would be a concrete implementation of the GenericMessageGenereicAction class with TMessage set to string.

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