LINQ training and trip to Princeton, NJ, USA and Swiss elections

LINQ hands-on lab at Microsoft Switzerland

Yesterday, a colleague and I attended a free LINQ hands-on lab given by Microsoft Switzerland in their offices of Wallisellen near Zurich. It was really good. I have seen LINQ in action a few times this year (actually, I had it demonstrated by no less than Anders Hejlsberg himself on one occasion, and Scott Guthrie on the other) but I had never tried writing queries myself. It was a good, 4 hours occasion to try it by myself. Needless to say, I was really impressed. What I really loved is that even though some parts are rather "magic" (lambda expression, object initializers, etc...) and remind of JavaScript, in the background everything is strongly typed. You get full Intellisense, and you can even debug the lambda expressions. Additionally, when you query against a SQL Server database (with the so-called "LINQ to SQL flavour of LINQ), and by installing a plug-in, you can even visualize the SQL query which is actually sent to the server.

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