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Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft) Diary of a Code Trotter
I published V1.12.2 of the PhotoAlbum web application yesterday. Even though my "daytime job" took me quite a lot of time and energy lately (without even mentioning the kids ;-), it's been quite a major release, with a lot of bugs and enhancements.
Thumbnailed view
Thumbnailed view
More screenshots here and here.
I am especially happy to have unified the way all the controls on the page react, by implementing common functionalities in a base class. For example, each control is able to extract its embedded files (JavaScript, CSS, images, ...) when needed. Other enhancements include a common base class for my ASPX pages, allowing them to save themselves to "static" HTML on a mouse click. Also, the desired "actions" on a postback are automatically decoded, using flags, either in the query string or in forms. All these common functionalities are automatically made available to the ASPX pages simply by inheriting the class GalaSoftLb.Web.CustomControls.CPage.
Now is the time for planning the next versions. I am planning to use the upcoming holidays to create my first ever WPF/E control, and use it as an optional photo viewer for the application. I have been using the PhotoAlbum application as an experimentation field forever (or almost), so this would very much keep up with this tradition. I am also going to implement additional enhancements on the RealSimpleBlog control, which is the one used to display the blog entries in the PhotoAlbum and also in my main webpage. I just started working on the specifications, and I am really impatient to see the result!
Posted on Saturday, December 16, 2006 9:40 PM Technical stuff , .NET , Website , ASP.NET 2.0 | Back to top

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