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Once I started using Newsgator, I was pretty much hooked.  When I only had my one blog on GDN, my blogging life was easy -- I installed the BlogX plugin, and posted away.  Once I moved this work-ish blog to GeeksWithBlogs (thanks Jeff!) and created another blog for more personal stuff (it's still a really fuzzy line though), I couldn't post as easily from Outlook because I could only install/use one newsgator posting plugin. I posted a Lazy Web request and lucky for me, Kent responded.  I've been using the plugin he wrote for a bit, and it totally rocks.  Once the blogs are configured, when you post from Outlook/Newsgator, a dialog pops up allowing you to select which blog(s) you want to post to.  Now I can post to my BlogX/GDN blog, my .Text/GWB blog and my MT/personal blog, all from Outlook, and if I want to, all at the same time.  That left only the .Text/ blog, which I'm most likely going to use sparingly, anyway. 

Then, enter Jeff Julian.  Jeff wrote another Newsgator plugin that, in conjunction with Kent's switcher plugin, allows you to post with Outlook/Newsgator to multiple .Text blogs. Plus he added category support! When you use this plugin, after the switcher dialog pops up, you get another dialog allowing you to choose which .Text blogs you want to post tom -- in my case it offers the one on GeeksWithBlogs and the one of Weblogs.Asp.Net.  Another cool feature that Jeff added is the ability to nickname your .Text blogs, for ease in determining which one(s) you want to post to.  Now I just need the MT plugin to support categories and I'm all set.  Woo  Hoo!

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