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Test post 12/30 number 2

This is the second test post.  Should go to Celebration of Fluff and my new/current workish blog.

Posted On Tuesday, December 30, 2003 7:57 AM

Test Successful, and Kent totally rocks!

Woo Hoo, Kent has written a Newsgator plug-in in response to my lazy web request.  It allows me to post to any or all of my various blogs (as long as they're different plugins).  This is a bonus, since all I was hoping for was to be able to switch between the posting plugins, but lucky you, now I can cross-post!

Posted On Monday, December 22, 2003 12:12 PM

Testing, Testing, 123

This is a test post.  It should go to both and

Posted On Monday, December 22, 2003 11:59 AM

Lazy web request: Newsgator plug-in switcher

I posted a question on the Newsgator Forum about whether it was possible to use two different plug-ins to post to two different blogs.  Currently it's not, but Greg says it would be relatively easy for a .Net savy developer to write a plug-in switcher.  Someone who had, say, a little time on their hands and nothing to code over the holiday break ;-)

Posted On Friday, December 19, 2003 6:37 AM

If you're wondering....
what the #leftmenu li { display : list-item; } in the left column is, it's a really dorky reminder to myself of where I was in my ongoing exploration of CSS via this site. Oh I know, I could read a book, but it's so much more fun to poke around and see what happens. (Thank goodness for the back button on my browser though, since yesterday I set it to “display : none” and, of course, none of the list items showed up. Including the link to the admin interface. Yes, I could have figured it out, but ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 17, 2003 7:41 PM

MSNBC Site Redesign
Congratulations to everyone at MSNBC, where they launched a new site redesign last Friday. It's a little hard for me to get used to it, but there are many things that I like: more top sections on the news menu (for years we struggled with how to fit all of the top level menu items we wanted into the existing page structure), the square edges (all those curves made for a complicated table structure), and especially the new typeface for stories. You can read the editor's note from Dean Wright here. ......

Posted On Monday, December 15, 2003 8:08 PM

First post in my new home
This is my first post in my new home here at, thanks to my friend Jeff Julian. My old posts will migrate over to, I think, at the end of the month or so, but I don't think I'll be posting there. seems friendlier and more homey, at least for the likes of me. I've been futzing around with the CSS for days, putting off the inevitable, I think, in leaving GDN. I've also been learning about .text, in addition to CSS -- now I'm ready to see how it looks ......

Posted On Monday, December 15, 2003 7:06 PM

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