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Today I got an email from Stan Spotts asking about a post I did a while ago.
during the beta of office 2007 I did blog a few times using word instead of the web interface.

And somehow i stopped using it. Still not sure why this was.
but well Stan noticed that using the instructions I directed to on JJulian's blog he wasn't able to setup his word to work with geekswithblogs.

So here in short is the info you need to set it up

When you choose to publish to your blog in Word 2007 you will be presented by a screen asking what kind of blog you have.
choose here to use "other" type of blog.
The second screen will ask for some info about your other type off blog.

So here you choose for MetaWebLog and fill in the following url :<YOUR_BLOG_NAME>/services/metablogapi.aspx

notice that it now doesn't have the www. in front of the URL So actually that's the only trick to do and you're off to start blogging through Word 2007

Succes everyone.

Posted on Saturday, April 28, 2007 2:37 AM | Back to top

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