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Yesterday I had to migrate a small network.
This company was running together with another company on a single server and they wanted to split up.

I was asked to do this migration for them. The migration was done last evening.
But in all migrations I did up to now, I always had a few things that show up to be different or in error after the upgrade.
But this morning when I showed up at the customer everyone was already working.
so after my first can of coke I thought well nobody mailed me, so lets check the users.

I asked them if they noticed anything strange on their systems, or if there were any errors.
All the people I asked responded like, should we notice anything then? Has anything changed?

The whole migration took place without the users noticing anything, that gives the best satisfaction to me. Just migrate and don't have to find out why there are still some errors on the network.

I wish all migrations were like this one.

Let's see if next week's migrations will also go this easy.


Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2005 12:43 AM | Back to top

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