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Here is a good news for all the Biztalk developer whose employer doesn't want to invest money in upgrading systems and still like to perform and integrate there system ( as well as there employee which is you) with the latest technology in the market on which there client or partners are working on. Yes I am talking about the BizTalk developers who works on the BizTalk 2006 and there employer doesn't want to move to R2 but still want that there system should communicate to the partner system which implement the WCF.

The codeplex has this cool tool which resembles almost like the WCF adapter of R2. It is a custome built WCF adapter for the BizTalk 2006. To use it you just need to download the application or DLLs.Here are the simplest install instruction given in the codeplex:

1. Add assemblies to Global Assembly Cache
2. Run registry file (adds required registry information)
3. Add adapter to BizTalk using BizTalk Server Administration Console
4. Add receive and transmit ports

Thats it Guys go ahead and use WCF capability in your Biztalk 2006 .


Posted on Saturday, October 3, 2009 1:32 PM BizTalk As I learn | Back to top

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