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Few weeks ego we went to an exhibition in one of Kraków’s malls to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of robotics. Besides some nice exhibits there was also a place where kids could try to build a robot from Lego Mindstorms NXT and Fishertechnik sets. We spent few hours there with my older son Jaś and even managed to build a walking robot.

It was fun for both of us so I started looking if we could continue playing with robots at home. Unfortunately most of the sets I found are pretty expensive (starting at $200). This is where my good pal Marcin Książek turned me to the Arduino electronic prototyping platform.

Arduino is really a simple and cheap microcontroller kit that can be easily connected to a PC and programmed. What makes it fun is that there are also many extensions that come as “shields” and adapters for the board and add capabilities such as XBee and Ethernet communication, accelerometer, DC motor control, GPS or even a touch LCD. The platform is open source so there are tons of information and fun projects on the web. Good place to start would be the Arduino Experimentation Kit (ARDX) – you can buy the kit from oomlout, but it’s also open source so you can download all guides and buy the parts in your local electronics store yourself. I also enjoy reading the book “Getting started with Arduino” by Massimo Banzi. And make sure to send the Arduino gift guide to your relatives. There are even Arduino user groups such as Howduino in Liverpool.

[In Poland you can buy Arduino from Nettigo]

All of this makes Arduino a great basis for building a simple robot. And in fact there is already a project on Instructables that shows exactly How to build a Arduino Controlled Servo Robot. Again this project is open source so you can buy a kit from oomlout or download the blueprints and find all the parts yourself. The body of the robot is done from acrylic sheets and I found a local shop with a laser cutter that could cut the parts for me. Most of the other parts can be easily found in your local DIY store.

One exception are the servo motors. Normal servos for RC models are constrained to movement in 180 degrees range, but what we need here is a “Continuous Rotation” servo. You can get one that was pre-modified such as Parallax, GWS S35 or Hitec HSR-1425CR. Another option is to modify the servo yourself, and there are also many instructions on how to do it on the web. I found that it’s really not hard to do, but you have to work a bit on the calibration.

So having all the parts I could finally begin the assembly. Below you can see is a photo gallery where we build our first SERB robot. As you can see I’m one happy geek dad, because both kids were pretty interested with this.

Right now the robot can’t do much besides running around in random directions, but I have some plans to make it smarter.

  1. Add remote control via Xbox pad or WiiMote. There is already a project showing how to use a netbook to control the robot via Skype. But being a .NET geek I would like to use Microsoft Robotics Studio for this.
  2. Add wireless connection with XBee so that robot can roam freely without cables the but still being controlled from the PC.
  3. Add some sensors so the robot gets more information from the world. I think first I would add bumpers to detect obstacles as shown in this project. Later I might also add wheel encoders (such as Nubotics WheelWatcher) for odometry.
  4. Play with some AI algorithms.

So it looks like I already have found myself a summer project :-)

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Thanks for sharing your experience in the robotics realm. Like you, I find many of the robotics introductory kits a little on the expensive side compared to Arduino and also restrictive. I would love to be able to use MSRDS in concert with Arduino to control robots.
Regarding your SERB bot, did you have any luck during the summer controlling Arduino-based robots with Microsoft Robotics Studio? You wrote that being a .Net geek, you would like to do it as one of your summer projects. Any news on that?
I have been looking for a tutorial (and hopefully sample code) on how to do it but have found none.
Left by Jose Castano on Sep 22, 2009 3:13 AM

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Left by mezuzah scrolls on Apr 17, 2012 12:45 PM

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