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February 2009 Entries

Last month I wrote about two conferences coming up soon in Poland. Organizers were busy all the time working on providing you with greatest speakers and technical content, and today we know the full agenda of both events. 4Developers, 7th March, Kraków Here is the agenda for .NET track: Ted Neward - Busy .NET Developer’s Guide to F#: Introduction Marcin Celej - Wykresy przy użyciu biblioteki .NET Charts Szymon Pobiega - Inversion of Control w systemach zbudowanych w oparciu o obiektowy model domeny ......

Ever since I got my first digital camera I was trying to create panoramic photos. This means take multiple shots of the view around me and then stitch them together into one image to create a panorama. At the time I used a tool called PTGui and below you can see couple attempts from that time. Harbor in Long Beach, CA (3 photos) Castle near Vienna, Austria (2 photos) This tool is still around, but nowadays we have some easier options. Windows Live Photo Gallery If you use Windows Live Photo Gallery ......

Last couple of months I’ve been working on very cool project that utilizes new multi-touch features in Windows 7. Although I can’t talk yet about our product, I thought it would be good to start sharing my experience with multi-touch programming. I’ll begin with some general resources to get you started. Prerequisites Of course first thing you need is a multi-touch capable hardware. As far as I know currently there are only three devices available on the market. Those lucky to be at PDC could see ......