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September 2008 Entries

Some time ago I got very strange situation on my development SQL Server 2005. Immediately after starting the process it went up to 100% CPU and stayed there for hours. There were no external connections, and I couldn't figure out what was causing this so I asked for help our best SQL geek Paweł Potasiński. With his help we were able to figure out that this was caused by service broker running on one of the databases although we didn't find the root cause for this. Fast forward few months, and last ......

Last Friday Managed Extensibility Framework Preview 2 (MEF) was published on CodePlex. MEF is a new library in .NET that will simplify adding extension points to your applications. It enables discovery, loading and composition of the extensible components. You can now download the source code, samples and find more information on the project site: I was playing with the bits over the weekend and chatted with Glenn Block (Program Manager on the .NET FX team that does MEF), ......