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August 2007 Entries

Two months ago, after listening to .NET Rocks! show with Daniel Simmons, I was really curious to learn more about ADO.NET Entity Framework (EF). As part of my learning I was ready to write a tutorial on how to get started with this framework. However there were no tools available at the time and with instructions on how to manually edit XML files the article turned very long, and quite frankly looked very boring. Hence I decided to postpone publishing it and wait for the tools to came out. This week ......

Since February I work as independent contractor, and so far I like it a lot but the only thing I miss about working from home is face-to-face contact with other developers. So after listening to Scott Hanselman's podcast on how to become a better developer I decided to take one of his advices and organize a geek dinner. I invited few friends from my past jobs and our Kraków .NET User Group. We met in nice indian restaurant near Kraków's market square and had great time discussing all maters mostly ......