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You might think I'm little behind with this news, believe it or not but until now I was still runing on Windows XP. But no more excuses! This week I want ahead and finally bought Vista for my home computer. To be precise it's Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit version. The fun begins!

Why I choose Ultimate edition? The politically correct answer of course is that I use the computer for both work and fun… but hey, the truth, as you all know, is that I'm a geek so I just want the best system I can get!

Why I choose the 64-bit version? One reason is that is that was the only Ultimate edition they had currently in stock in my favorite store. Second, since I have Core 2 Duo here I'm not going to waste these additional 32-bits it offers. It should be faster, right?

The system installed quickly and with no problems. It properly recognized all my hardware. I only downloaded the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers for Vista (64-bit). The drivers for Xbox 360 controller were updated during first automatic update. Later I've connected the LifeCam VX-3000 web camera and there is 64-bit version of software available for download.

After that I started installing some tools. I've read on many sites before that there are problems with Daemon Tools on Vista so I started looking for another software to mount ISO images. On one forum MagicISO was mentioned to work properly on Vista. Not in my case however, because it tried to install additional drivers and Vista 64-bit requires all drivers to be digitally signed (more on this later). What's more, now I have a broken installation that I can't reverse and it complains about missing drivers after each boot (sucks!). After some more reading I found that the latest version of Daemon Tools somehow manages to bypass this limitation and in fact it does work on Vista (sucks that is still have the broken MagicISO).

All video plays properly after installing the latest K-Lite Codec Pack Standard 2.85. There is even a 64-bit Codec Add-On but currently in beta and it requires a 64-bit player. One thing you might not know is that 64-bit version of Windows Media Player is installed with system but it's not used by default (the same goes for IE). You have to manually update the shortcuts to point to the correct Program Files folder (the one with no x86). However I've tried it on some movies and it didn't work properly.

So it's time to test the games. For first shot I've decided to try Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones that I'm playing  currently. The installation went smoothly. But when I tried to run it first started installing some additionally stuff for copy protection including propertiary drivers. And because there weren't signed Vista blocked this. So this won't work, end of story? Wrong. After rebooting I got an error screen that the drivers can't be loaded and the machine can't boot. OMG! I just crashed my brand new Vista! This is bad!

The only way to fix it was to boot from the Vista DVD and use the recovery console. Ubisoft uses StarForce copy protection but although they claim Vista compatibility I couldn't find any update for their drivers. So if you want to play any of Ubisoft games be very careful. I've also read that recently, after many complains Ubisoft stoped using StarForce altogether.

As for work part, until now I've only installed Microsoft Expression Blend (the RC came out yesterday) and Virtual PC 2007 (to run the Visual Studio "Orcas" March CTP). By the way, one reason I choose Vista Ultimate is that Virtual PC will only run on Business and Ultimate editions. There is a 64-bit version though. I've installed Paint.NET and you don't need special 64-bit version cause it's all in .NET (I love how they NGen their assemblies during install). However I will hold my opinion if this version is suitable for development until I install Visual Studio. I will update this post when I finally get to this.

If you going after 64-bit platform like me first consider all the limitations it has (read here, here and here). If you decide to switch to 64-bit but have a 32-bit version already you can order a DVD with 64-bit version at very low price from Windows Vista Alternate Media. And here is a cool site called Start64! with news on software for 64-bit platform.

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# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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Here are some things to try:

I hope it helps.
Left by Lorin Thwaits on Mar 15, 2007 3:34 PM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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Bah, same thing happened for me... Play a fair few games being a teenager and all, got Vista... Tried to install the Omega Drivers because frankly the ATI drivers are SH*T, for my Radeon 9550... Now when i boot my computer, it gets half way through the start-up then shuts down... :| Any idea on WHAT I could do???
Left by Derry Holt on Mar 19, 2007 9:06 PM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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I have a very similar scenario to yours. I installed Vista 64 bit version and recently purchased Prince of Persia The two thrones as well. My vista crashes the same way after the installation takes places.

My question to you is... how did you go around this?
Left by Vladimir Quiros on May 06, 2007 1:43 PM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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Did u managed to lose the notification about missing drivers after each boot? I have the same problem.
Left by Bogdan on Jun 01, 2007 9:42 AM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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I've fixed it using System Restore by reseting to last good configuration. Of course this also removed nagging about wrong drivers. If they still show up then you could try looking in Device Manager and manually uninstall any drivers that cause this.
Left by Szymon on Jun 02, 2007 12:31 AM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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Hello !

anyone find solution to the Prince of Persia T2T problem on Vista 64 ?
Do post back..been searching over the net....
one guy on Ubi forums reccos installing driver udpate from Starforce for vista 64...
but the game crashed my pc once which had to up using system restore...
anyone who knows if this soln works or something else that works ?

Left by swapnilad on Sep 17, 2007 6:37 AM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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All though it seems that Vista Crashes it really doesn't theres a stupid feature that in-forces only signed drivers to be installed but when you install T2T the starforce isn't a signed driver (the protection software to the DVD) so that what makes Vista go crazy and what it does is that it says such a driver is installed and pretty much says that it doesn't like it so what you do is press enter then it will show a screen that will let you select windows Vista but you don't select it you press F8 and then in the opions select disable enforcment of drivers and that will get you back into Vist with out having to re-install
Left by Phipcore on Sep 23, 2007 1:56 AM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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Hi all,
It is half year after this post was published, so I'm surprised to still receive comments on this problem. I would have thought it should be solved by now either by Microsoft or game vendors.

In the meantime I've read somewhere that there is an option in the Vista boot manager to disable the signed driver enforcement. I haven't tried it myself yet (my copy of PoP is collecting dust on the shelf) but if you are desperate you might give it a try. Look here for instructions:

If you do let us know if it works. Thanks!
Left by Szymon on Sep 23, 2007 12:31 PM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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hey everybody
i knew how to update the starforce driver and stop the error message that appear at the startup for the windows
but i fixed it on windows vista ultimate 32bit and donno if the same solution will work on 64bit or not
here is the solution search for starforce official site they have posted an update for its driver for windows vista download it and install it and it will fix the starforce problem with windows vista and Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones should work well

but this didnt let the cracked ver. of Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones work it freeze in checking the serial number as it was doing before daemon v4.0

if anybody found a way to by pass this starforce plz reply
Left by winner on Feb 15, 2008 12:38 AM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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not understood a word of what you said, can you please explain more. thanks
Left by graham davis on Mar 22, 2008 6:03 PM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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Hey All,

I had the same prob of installing and trying to play POP T2T in vista 64 bit and went thru numerous forums to find soln.
Finally found this which solved all my prob. I love the game and promised myself that if i could run it, i will post it for everyone. please distribute to others having the same prob.

the trick was to install the game fully and BEFORE rebooting, update the starforce drivers ( also run it as administrator and xp compatiblity mode (right click and properties and complatibility mode).

Left by O on Nov 16, 2008 9:27 PM

# re: How I crashed my brand new Vista Ultimate
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I'm triing to run Prince of Percia on my Vista 64 but when I try to update starforce drivers it wrigts that "No installed protection drivers found to update". What do I have to do to run it finally?
Left by Nost on Dec 14, 2008 7:15 PM

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