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This weekend I've been working on a skin editor for my CustomBorderForms and I wanted to use XML Serialization to store skin files. However, my skins use several System.Drawing classes that don't serialize very cleanly or not at all (e.g. Bitmap, Font, Size) . In such situations I often use surrogate properties that are serialized instead of the original ones. Today I've learned another trick from Load and Save objects to XML using serialization article posted on CodeProject, that shows how to use ......

If you've been using the SQL Server Management Studio that comes with SQL Server 2005 for a while, you might noticed this nice message box that shows all exception messages. Not only it shows the exception message, but also includes hierarchy of all inner exceptions. What's more you can see the technical details of the exception including its call stack. On top of that you can easily copy all this to the Clipboard. As soon as I've seen this I thought: "I wish I had something like this in my project". ......

Today for me was a day of learning. It started morning, when I attended a free seminar from Microsoft on SQL Server 2005 Intelligence. We went through Analysis Service, Integration Services, Data Mining and Reporting Services. It was first opportunity for me to actually work with SQL Server 2005 and, although I’m not much a database guy, but I really liked it. I’ve already installed the trial version and I’m going try out some of the things I’ve learned. So if you have a chance ......