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April 2006 Entries

I just got a new laptop, so I had to spent whole weekend reinstalling everything instead of doing something productive. Surprisingly it was more then a year and a half since I did that last time despite all the software I tend to keep together. Does that mean software got better in playing nice to one another these days? In the process I've made a list of what I need to have installed, so in case you might be interested what I use in my day-to-day work, here it is: MSN Messanger 8.0 Beta Skype 2.0 ......

Last weekend (yeah, I know it was Easter) I was writing a quick and dirty log viewer for log4net and came across what I believed would be a huge problem but turned out as quite trivial with .NET. As I blogged a while ago, log4net can be configured to broadcast events over UDP, so your application can be monitored in real-time from another process or machine, for example with the Chainsaw log4j viewer (yes, this is all Java). Basically I wanted to write my own little .NET replacement for Chainsaw.In ......

I've finally bought myself an MP3 player. It's a Samsung YP-U1X. While it has only 512MB and no radio, its quite small, looks great (similar to IPod Shuffle but it has LCD with white backlight) and the sound quality is fantastic. I think its best choice for the money. I've already listened to several episodes of ARCast and .NET Rocks! and I'm currently looking for some other podcast out there. It doesn't have to be .NET related really. So if you know anything interesting, funny or otherwise worth ......