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October 2005 Entries

I think most of you couldn't wait for this. So here it is:

Visual Studio 2005 was just published on MSDN

Go and get it!

There are Professional and Standard versions of Visual Studio 2005 (each on 2 CDs), the Express editions, the MSDN library (3 CDs), and some additional tools. And of course, there is also SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition.

Happy downloading!

Have you ever wondered what is the most popular programming language on the planet? Today this question came across my mind and I quickly found the answer at TIOBE Programming Community Index. This ranking is based on the wold-wide availability of skilled engineers, courses and third party vendors. The ratings are calculated using popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo!. First thing you will note that during last year Java has finally dethroned the old king - the C language. It's interesting ......

I hope someone here could help me understand whats wrong. I tried to use the NegotiateStream class available in .NET 2.0 to secure a remoting connection. It was configured as follows:Hashtable channelSettings = new Hashtable();channelSettings... = System.Net.Security.Protect... = true;TcpClientChannel channel = new TcpClientChannel(channelSet... null);ChannelServices.Regis... all worked fine when the client and server ......