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August 2005 Entries

Anyone who used VS2005 Beta 2 knows that is multitude of irritating bugs. But this one is just one too much for me. Yesterday I started receiving following error from code accessing some property in app.config: System.Configuration.Config... An error occurred executing the configuration section handler for applicationSettings/XYZ.Pro... thrown from System.Configuration.Runtim... method. This error actually has inner exception: ......

I apologize to everyone who tried to contact me during last two weeks, as I was on vacations and tried hard to avoid computers (its hard but can be done).

This were our first vacations since our son was born. We haven't decided to go enywhere far though, and went to polish coast of the Baltic Sea instead. It was great that I could finally spent all days long with my wife and son. Tomorow its back to work, and I wonder if thay even noticed that I was gone.