SSD upgrade in a MacBook Pro


I recently upgraded my wife’s MacBook Pro by replacing the original hard drive with an SSD.  The performance improvements were just as good as when I did this same upgrade for Lenovo laptop in the family last fall.

Her MacBook has 8GB RAM, a 2.3 Ghz i7 processor, and a 15” inch screen.  It was a low end MacBook Pro when we purchased it in July 2013.

The SSD was another Crucial drive from NewEgg.


I timed a few operations to see what they were before and after the upgrade:

Before upgrade:

  • Seconds to login prompt 47.8
  • Seconds to login 9.4
  • Seconds to launch safari 13.8
  • Seconds to launch outlook 18.4

After upgrade:

  • Seconds to login prompt 44.6
  • Seconds to login 4.3
  • Seconds to launch safari 2.1
  • Seconds to launch Outlook 2.6

The key measurements for my wife was the amount of time it was taking to launch applications.  I timed Safari and Outlook, since these are her primary apps to use and the results are amazing.  In fact, she laughed at how fast they launched when I first showed her.

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