June 2004 Entries

Classic Computers

I love old computers. There's just something about those simple old machines. I guess it takes me back to my childhood when a Commodore VIC20 hooked up to the tv set was too cool.I've been waiting for an old computer show to happen in Ohio and I've finally found one and I'm going to try to go to it in October. Does anyone know of other classic/antique computers shows in Ohio/Midwest ......

Newspaper website registration requirements

Here's an interesting article from CNN about news websites that require you to register in order to access their articles.Here's what I don't understand: If I buy a newspaper it's something like $0.50 from a paper box. Does that $.50 cover the cost of paper? Heck no, they sell expensive advertising to cover production costs and to make a profit. So why do they insist on charging more for the web version? I consider my personal information more valuable than 50 cents a day and they probably do to ......

What does 16k get ya?

As an old computer collector, I found this flash movie extremely funny.

Microsoft and updates

I think it's funny how writers will beat up Microsoft for releasing products too soon, or loaded with new, untested features yet then turn around and ask why the latest service pack isn't ready or why it only fixes bugs. Ugh. SP2 is getting this treatment now with article headlines like "Where, Oh Where Is Windows XP SP2?" or "Microsoft finally ships another beta of XP Service Pack 2."This aritlce, from a few months ago, Jim Rapoza thinks Microsoft needs to get the new SQL Server released yet he ......