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Windows Mobile with G-Sensor / accelerometer / tilt sensor
Games that work by tilting your phone and require no buttons to be pressed are highly addictive, for example Resco Bubbles, a game that requires you to move your phone around to control a ball on the screen. To play these type of games, your phone must have a G sensor built-in, listed below are some of the popular phones with Accelerometer: HTC Touch HD Samsung i900 Omnia HTC Touch Diamond HTC Touch Pro HTC Touch Diamond 2 HTC Touch Pro 2 Samsung Omnia II (I8000) Must have apps ;) HTC Light Saber ......

Posted On Sunday, December 6, 2009 12:52 AM

Get started with writing a network game using Orcas (.Net 3.5)
I recently saw a very well put together code walkthrough presentation by Oliver Sturm on how he built a Connect Four network game using WCF and WPF. You can download the entire source code for his application here. If you haven't got a .NET 3 or above IDE then see below to get all the free resources to set this up. I find downloading and installing the Orcas DVD image much quicker than downloading the VPC image which can be very large. The Orcas express DVD image is 849MB (whereas the current VPC ......

Posted On Sunday, July 15, 2007 2:04 AM

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