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Quick Analysis of Popular Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras

Photo quality aside, it seems that Canon DSLRs are more popular than Nikon DSLRs right now based on Flickr stats.

Below is a ranking of popularity based on daily users (taken from

Canon Camera (Average daily users)
EOS 5D Mark II (4350) $2500
EOS REBEL T2i / 550D (3908) $500-$600
EOS 7D (3577) $1500-$1800
EOS REBEL T1i / 500D (2507) $400-$500
EOS 60D (2219) $800-$1300

Nikon Camera (Average daily users)
D90 (3985) $1000-$1200
D7000 (2664) $1200-$1500
D3100 (2173) $500-$700
D700 (1912) $2200-$3000
D5000 (1521) $600-$1000 (superseded by D5100)

Key to below stats:

 # of items - This is the total number of photos uploaded per model.
Avg. daily users  - This is the number of Flickr members who uploaded 1 or more photos yesterday.
Activity Factor The "Activity Factor" is a number derived from photos, members and a model's rank to indicate cameras that are used "a lot".
Type Point & Shoot / DSLR / Cameraphone / Camcorder
Rank A model's rank (within its brand) is based on how many people used it yesterday.

Canon Popularity

Nikon Popularity

Canon DSLR


Nikon DSLR


Links for more info.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview and HP Printer drivers

Granted Windows 8 Consumer Preview is only 2 months old but you would expect most common Printers to work with it. This wasn't the case when I tested a HP Deskjet Printer with it. Although HP has released a tool to help find Windows 8 Printer drivers ( However, it seems that not all HP Printers are supported.

A solution that worked for me was to manually install a HP PCL driver via the Windows Add Device, hopefully this will help others who have a similar issue.

Posted On Thursday, May 3, 2012 6:04 AM | Comments (5)

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