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Windows Mobile with G-Sensor / accelerometer / tilt sensor

Games that work by tilting your phone and require no buttons to be pressed are highly addictive, for example Resco Bubbles, a game that requires you to move your phone around to control a ball on the screen.

To play these type of games, your phone must have a G sensor built-in, listed below are some of the popular phones with Accelerometer:

 HTC Touch HD
Samsung i900 Omnia
HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Diamond 2
HTC Touch Pro 2
Samsung Omnia II (I8000)

Phones with G-Sensor

Must have apps ;)

HTC Light Saber v1.0

Accelerometer Games for Samsung Omnia and HTC Touch:

Resco Bubbles

HTC Teeter

G-Sensor / Accelerometer resources:


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