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MOSS Event Log Viewer Removed

It seems that the web based eventlog viewer have been taken out of SharePoint Central Admin in MOSS RTM as the EventLog.aspx page is missing. It is a shame as I find it useful to see the last 25 event log message output with their full description on a single page. It is annoying when you have to click on each individual Event to see their description in Windows Event Viewer, the up/down arrow doesn't help much either since after clicking a number of times you tend to forget what the description for the previous Event was.

Although the Event log viewer in MOSS Beta is quite simple, it does have a lot of potential for becoming an essential tool. Although it's stepping into the MOM territory I feel that this feature would be very useful for cases such as checking the status of the last submitted timer job. You wouldn't want to be presented with hundreds of performance counters or logs just to diagnose a problem. The SharePoint team has already done a fine job in webifying the whole MOSS deployment experience that will revolutionarise the way server products and components are deployed, configured and monitored.

I hope the SharePoint team can bring back this feature in the next version/service pack. Here are some of my nice to haves list for a web based Event Viewer:

  • Search - Ability to search across all fields and all log types. Currently this can be done in Windows Vista with custom views. In Windows XP you cannot roll up different log types and you can only search certain fields at a time.
  • Event Log Type "All" that rolls up the latest Application, Security and System Events. It would help spotting cases where a System Event caused an Application Event or vice versa.
  • Increase Page Size from 25. Seeing up to 200 Event descriptions on a single page would be nice.

MOSS EventLog Viewer

Windows Vista Custom View

Windows XP Event Viewer

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