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I just finished implementing support for getting the global memory details and the battery charge details in CERapi - my managed RAPI implementation. To get these details, simply obtain the CESystemInformation instance and use the GlobalMemoryInformation and BatteryInformation properties to get the details, as shown in the code snippet below (si, in the snippet below, is reference to CESystemInformation object):

                                           // Global Memory Details
 				CEGlobalMemory gm = si.GlobalMemoryInformation;
				Console.WriteLine("Memory Load: {0}",gm.MemoryLoad);
				Console.WriteLine("Total Physical Memory: {0}",gm.TotalPhysicalMemory);
				// Battery Details
				CEBattery bat = si.BatteryInformation;
				Console.WriteLine("ACLine: {0}",bat.ACLine.ToString());
				Console.WriteLine("Main Battery Remain: {0}%",bat.MainBatteryRemainLifePercent);
				Console.WriteLine("Main Battery Status: {0}",bat.MainBatteryCharge);
				Console.WriteLine("Backup Battery Remain: {0}%",bat.BackupBatteryRemainLifePercent);
				Console.WriteLine("Backup Battery Status: {0}",bat.BackupBatteryCharge);

Do you have any suggestions on what functionality you would like to see in CERAPI? If so, mail me.
Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2005 7:22 PM .NET Framework , .NET Framework V1.X , VS.NET 2002/2003 , VS 2005 , .NET Compact Framework , Embedded Development | Back to top

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# Download CERapi - the managed Windows CE Remote API
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Windows CE Remote API (RAPI) is the mechanism via which desktop applications can talk with the Windows...
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# re: Global Memory and Battery Status Support in CERapi
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Cool API
Left by NetoRosatelli on Mar 23, 2007 2:42 AM

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