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Just wanted to write a bit about the upcoming Day of .NET conference coming soon to St. Louis.  We are putting the final pieces together this week and currently have nearly 200 people registered.  The conference will be on December 13th, 2008 and, if you want more information or just want to register, please check out the site at   If you are waiting to register, please be aware that our registration closes on Monday, December 8th and we cannot accept on-site registrations.

We are finalizing our agenda and have been pretty aggressive in trying to schedule almost 30 sessions into a one day conference.  Most presenters have volunteered to present twice so our attendees will have some flexibility in hitting the topics they want and coordinating a pretty full day.  Each session will only be 50 minutes and we are focusing presentations on being thorough in their topic but providing enough resources and materials for attendees to easily grasp where and how to get more information.  Planned right you can pack a lot of information into that time.  We're trying to provide a mix of sessions ranging from the cutting edge topics like Windows Azure, Live Services, etc to the more current topics such as ASP.NET/AJAX, WPF, MOSS 2007, etc.   We're hoping to provide topics that appeal to a wide range of developers and skill sets...only time will tell if we succeed.

As to giveaways, we currently have over $10,000 in gifts to raffle off throughout the day and more than a few people will leave with some pretty sweet swag.  Microsoft gave us some X-Boxes and Zunes plus tones of games and licenses.  Many of the bigger .NET publishers threw in more than a few books and a number of the component vendors all provided free licenses to their products.  Throw in a few T-Shirts, some gift cards, and various other odds and ends and we'll spend a good amount of time giving stuff away.  Simply as part of registering, every attendee will receive a conference Polo shirt and a 2GB USB flash drive with all conference materials (in addition to the other standard swag provided by our sponsors).

Washington University is hosting the event at their CAIT center in Clayton, MO so we will be putting our final onsite planning meeting together this week in an attempt to make sure we have thoroughly thought through the logistics of organizing that many people.  Hopefully, in two weeks I'll be blogging about how successful it turned out to be...(albeit with numerous lessons learned I'm sure)

At the conclusion of the conference I'll be sure to post on how it went and there will be more than a few notes of thanks to the other organizers and the vendors and sponsors who we are working with daily to make this thing a success.  Putting on a conference of even this size is quite the undertaking and, so far (knock on wood), things are going very smoothly...we'll see how the next few weeks go.

ps.  If anyone has any questions on the conference please let me know...I'll be glad to answer whatever I can.

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