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OK. So this week, I got my new machine. (Finally, something where I can do some proper coding at home and is powerful enough to install VS.NET 2005!!) Today, I completed many of the software installs I wanted, including IE7. (If I really need IE6 access, I have my work laptop where I can use that.)

Today as well, I was asked to help out with the web page of the local .NET user group. Cool! I mostly do web stuff, so maintenance of that is not a bad thing at all. I get to help out in a way that is somewhat familiar to me, and hey! it's just a CMS system to control content.

So, I log in. And I go to modify the content. And the rich HTML editor in the version of DNN that is installed doesn't work under IE7. I try my laptop - works fine in IE6. I try Firefox (both the current release and the version 2 RC) - both work fine. So, the text editor built with Microsoft VS.NET does not work in Microsoft IE7.

What exactly does this mean, to me? Well, it means I must now use Firefox to do any updates to the local user group site instead of IE. Granted, IE7 has only been out about a week or so... but still... I know that it follows some of the standards much more closely than IE 6 did, but it works in Firefox which is standards compliant!

Ah well. Not a big deal, but still a head shaker...

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It's because we're using an older version of DNN for the UG website. I checked with a DNN site I did recently (with a much more recent build of DNN...the UG site version is from a few years back already) and the rich text box works fine.

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Oct 22, 2006 11:36 AM

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