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Other day I was playing with BizTalk 2009 UDDI feature. With no real background in this area, I was bound hit issues. One of the annoying ones that I came across was to do with simply trying to publish my service. After standard installation and configuration, I browsed http://localhost/uddi/ on my machine with all excitement to publish my very first service. As soon as I selected Publish option (see below) web request failed with an error “Internet explorer cannot display the web page”. 
I noticed that the web page was trying to access link over https (ssl). I couldn’t remember having selected this mode both while installing or configuring uddi. After scratching my head for sometime (including an attempt to configure my local web site with a certificate generated by myself), I stumbled upon an option to choose secure access to publish services (under the Security tab for the properties corresponding to the default site created by UDDI configuration in UDDI Service console), see figure below. I couldn’t remember selecting this; however presume that this is a default setting. Guess one of those things for beginners (like me) to watch out for.
Posted on Friday, May 8, 2009 10:10 AM | Back to top

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