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Cloudcel is the first product that demonstrates the full power of integrated "Client-plus-Cloud" computing. You use desktop Excel in the normal way, but can also now seamlessly tap into the scalability and massive parallelism of the cloud, entirely from within Excel, to handle your Big Data. Building an app in Cloudcel is really easy – no databases, no programming. Simply drop building blocks onto the spreadsheet (in any order, in any location) and launch the app to the cloud with a single click. Parallelism, scalability and fault tolerance are automatic.

With Cloudcel, you can process realtime data streams continuously, and get alerts pushed to you as soon as important events or patterns are detected ("Set it and forget it").

Cloudcel is offered as a pay-per-use cloud service – so no hardware, no software
licenses, and no IT department required to set it up. Private cloud
deployments are also available.

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