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1817, lit. "observer of beautiful forms," coined by its inventor, Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), from Gk. kalos "beautiful" + eidos "shape" (see -oid) + -scope, on model of telescope, etc. Figurative meaning "constantly changing pattern" is first attested 1819 in Lord Byron, whose publisher had sent him one.


Let’s start by setting some context here. “We” are not a single blogger but a bunch of like minded people who will be contributing to this blog. We belong to a team led by some folks possessed by innovation, and this has rubbed on us in a good way.

How it started

It all started with initiative from Girish, A. A big thank you, goes to him. To get it straight from the horse’ mouth:

What is it?

- Everybody (as per the published schedule) post a small write-up (not more than say 5/6 lines) regarding any Azure related concept.

- We shall consolidate all these mails (which would be 5/week) and quickly discuss/brain storm about it, end of the week i.e. on Fridays.

What’s the benefit?

- This should make our basic Azure concepts rock-solid.

- As part of this exercise, we will have a very good collection of Azure FAQs.

As the team grew stronger, so did the contributions and after almost 3 months of regular contributions and weekly discussions we thought of sharing the content with the world at large. Afterall we are IT folks and the big I in IT is there for a reason. :)

The road ahead

We will post the entire collection as time permits. Tagged by contributor. Going forward each contributor will post individually adding his/her specific tag.

Get blogging!!

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