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Message Buffer is WCF queue in the cloud (although currently it does not provide all features of WCF queue). With on-premise WCF, you can take advantage of MSMQ, so that a message is sent to MSMQ by one endpoint, and another endpoint can get the message in a later time. The message is usually a SOAP message so that you can generate a client proxy and invoke the service operations just as invoking a normal WCF operation. Message Buffer is similar, but it also provides a REST API for you to work with the messages. Use it when you need a reliable WCF service.

Message buffers can be consumed by non-azure components, "Message  buffers are accessible to applications using HTTP and do not require the Windows Azure platform AppFabric SDK"

             How to: Configure an AppFabric Service Bus Message Buffer :

   please find below link for more details:



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