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The Access Control Management Tool (Acm.exe) is a command-line tool you can use to perform management operations (CREATE, UPDATE, GET, GET ALL, and DELETE) on the AppFabric Access Control entities (scopes, issuers, token policies, and rules).

Basic Syntax

The command line for Acm.exe follows the basic pattern of verb-noun. For example:

acm.exe <command> <resource> [-option:<option value>]

This tool will automatically generate random keys, which helps ensure that they can't easily be guessed by an attacker. Note that ACM.EXE is a thin wrapper around a REST Web Service (the AC management service). That helps to remember the commands it accepts, which are the typical resource management commands for a REST service:

· Get(All)

· Create

· Update

· Delete

ACM.EXE.config file can be used to configure Host, Service and the Management key for a Service Namespace.


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