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Late last year I blogged about trying to use CentOS under Virtual PC. After several attempts, I basically gave up. There's something to be said for marketing and "mind share" - which Ubuntu has plenty of. Earlier this year I took a stab at using Ubuntu with Virtual PC (and Virtual Server) and got a lot further. In fact, I managed to get a full working version for a developer environment. I also got a version going for an Oracle server, a WebSphere/DB2 server and even a streaming media server.

Things went so well that I repurposed an old dual-processor Dell workstation to run as an Ubuntu development machine on "bare metal". I normally work in Windows but now can "dabble" in Linux without difficulty...


Because I'm working on enterprise-class applications using J2EE, I opted for using Ubuntu 6.06 (a.k.a. Dapper Drake) since it is the official server version with L.T.S. (long term support).

I can install and use the following on either environment:

  • Java 1.4 and 1.5
  • Eclipse IDE
  • JBoss application server
  • DB-Visualizer
  • Ant/Tomcat
  • Perforce
  • Firefox

The cool thing to me as a geek is that I can be on two totally different architectures and platforms and use the same tool sets to work on the same code.

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