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We're finally on fiber at my house, na-na! Dan Bricklin has a long article with lots of photos on his blog so here's some random points I've discovered since the install.
  • Earlier in the week the fiber line was brought down from the pole to the outside of the building in preparation.
  • The install really does take 4+ hours.
  • The final connection into the "ONT" was made from the feed left earlier using a portable splicer that melts/fuses the glass fibers together
  • The glass really is about the size of a human hair
  • The meter reported 18 Mbs download at the ONT
  • Verizon offers 5 Mbs down / 2 Mbs up for $34.95 and 15 Mbs down / 2 Mbs up for $44.95 (both with a one year agreement, phone call to upgrade)
  • They also offer a 30 Mbs down / 5 Mbs up
  • Unlike high-speed cable, Verizon installs a battery backup in case of power outage that's rated for 4 hours (tech said he's heard of customers getting 8 hrs of life from them)
  • They pull the old copper wires from the house during the install
  • I read in a forum somewhere that all the old regulations regarding access and required sharing of lines with other providers only pertains to the copper lines, not the new fiber ;)
  • They give you a D-Link DI-624 wireless G router which also has four ethernet ports
  • Vonage's Linksys router is now "hanging off" (behind) the D-Link and it only required a power off/on to pick up new address from the D-Link
  • D-Link's default internal IP is 192.168.0.x whereas Linksys (w/ Vonage) was 192.168.15.x
  • D-Link's router really is true port forwarding - you can, for example, map port 8080 outside to 80 inside (Linksys forwards a port to an IP only - same port)
  • Verizon blocks port 80 (port forwarding works around this)
  • Fiber uses PPPoE like DSL does
  • In the span of 4 days I've had 4 different external IP addresses assigned
  • External DNS names are dynamic, containing the IP address (e.g.
  • Discovered free dynamic DNS service ( to overcome name/ip changes
A big SORRY to Dave Burke - I'm sure it'll be a while before fiber finds its way up into Vermont. Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 11:09 AM General | Back to top

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