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Hi all,
   Just wanted to tell you all that I am now a SharePoint MVP!! Thanks to Darcy Lussier for the nomination.So what does this mean? I certainly don't feel smarter, or that I'm any more compitent than before. This Brings me back to evaluate why I blog and why I give to the community. Make no mistake, this award is something that means a lot to me but it does not magically give me special powers! It is nice to be recognized by my peers and I look forward to all the perks that come along with being an MPV. I know many developers that are more talented than me, and SharePoint Developers and architects that have more certifications and know just as much as me if not more. The difference I notice is attitude. They are the kind of people that profit from blogs and comments and feedback on problems posted online, but if they figure things out they don't bother blogging about things or writing a comment on blog that posted the issue.
    So why do I blog?
         1.   I have a terrible memory! - I find myself referencing my blog a lot. I keep on forgetting how I did things. How I solved the problem, and how I dealt with things.
         2.  I need help! - I don't claim to know everything, but I kind of know where to look. When I get stuck I like to post something online and create discussions to get the community involved in helping each me.
         3. I love to teach - one of my passions is teaching and instructing. I'd like to think that I am good at it. I don't like blogging useless things just for the sake of writing a lot of posts. I often think, "would this blog post be useful to me before I figured things out? and can it help someone else?" I hope it helps others, and the community can educate and help each other out. Some of the best MVP's out there help by pointing people in the right direction and struggle through things with you.

   So now some of you ask, why switch where you blog? Well, I have another blog which I will now stop blogging at. I will not delete those blog posts but I will slowly move those blog posts to this blog. There are 2 main reasons why. I wanted to have more exposure and was told "Geeks with Blogs" is just awesome for that. My good friend Darcy Lussier suggested this site and swears by it. I also wanted to start blogging independently of the place I work.
     So thanks to everyone that has helped me along the way in becoming an MVP and in my career, hope to keep it going!!

     Best Regards
   Juan Larios
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